14 Day Detox Pack

14 Day Detox Pack


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The Full Body Cleanse
This is the classic and most common version that has been used by thousands of people throughout the world. Of all the cleansing versions, this version is the quickest and most effective way to cleanse the body.

This version can be done from a minimum of 5 days, although the ideal duration of the Lemon Detox cleanse is 10 days on the Full Body Cleanse.
Inventor, Stanley Burroughs recommends doing the Lemon Detox cleanse for 10 days as this will ensure the body is well cleansed. By the time you get to the 7th day you’ll most likely feel so good that going a few extra days will be easy. Going 10-14 days will give you the maximum result by keeping your body in detox mode longer but should only be done so with the consent of a healthcare professional.

What's Involved:

This version involves substituting all meals with the Lemon Detox drink.

Breakfast:2-3 glasses of the Lemon Detox drink
Lunch:2-3 glasses of the Lemon Detox drink
Dinner: 2-3 glasses of the Lemon Detox drink 

Full Details

Pack Includes:

7 Day Cleanse8-14 Day Cleanse
1 x 1 litre Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup2 x 1 litre Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup
1 x Pure ground cayenne pepper1 x Pure ground cayenne pepper
1 x Organic senna tea leaves2 x Organic senna tea leaves
1 x Sea salt2 x Sea salt
1 x Lemon Detox book1 x Lemon Detox book
 1 x Free tea leaf infuser